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This project is now defunct

HTTPMail is a project to document the HTTPMail protocol used for Hotmail. It also aims to allow other mail clients to use Hotmail. The first way this is done is with an HTTPMail/POP3 proxy server written in Perl. You can connect to the proxy server with POP3 and check your Hotmail account. There are also versions for Ruby (the one I personally use, therefore the one most up to date), a start of a JavaMail provider, and a VB control that was donated to me.

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Related projects:

  • JHTTPMail - A JavaMail provider based on HTTPMail
  • HTTPMail Plugin - HTTPMail plugin for Mail.app
  • MSNj - An MSN Messenger library for Java.
  • JMSN - A GUI application and developer library. Pretty much a duplication of effort of MSNj, but hey.
  • Contact the author: Dave Dunkin

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